Brake Repair

Brake Repair Services For Sterling, VA

Since 1975, Chandler & Sons Automotive has been the go-to destination for automotive repair in Sterling, Virginia. Our fair prices and commitment to honesty have allowed us to foster a true relationship with our clients, and if you need to service or repair the brakes on your vehicle to keep it running smoothly, we are happy to help.

Reasons for Brake Repair

If your brakes malfunction, it’s not safe to operate your vehicle. You must know that your car, truck or SUV will slow down and stop when you tap the brakes to drive confidently. Routine brake service appointments can keep your rotors and brake pads in good condition, but you still need brake repair services occasionally. We’re here to provide quick and efficient brake pad replacement when your vehicle components are malfunctioning.

Brake pads are made of a friction material that is bonded to a steel backing plate. When you step on the brake, the pads are pressed against the steel brake rotor, which causes your vehicle to slow down and stop. Over time, your brake pads will wear down or need repair. The average lifespan of a brake pad ranges from 25,000 to 70,0000 miles, depending on the make, model, and way you drive your car. When you need new brake pads installed, you can count on Chandler & Sons Automotive to install them correctly, so you and your passengers are safe.
The brake system in your vehicle is full of essential, moving parts. From the hydraulic brake fluid down to the anti-lock brake sensors, the mechanics at Chandler & Sons Automotive are able to diagnose and repair any problems you may be having with your braking system. Some of the signs you need may need brake repair are:

  • Your check-brakes light is on
  • Your brakes feel “spongy” and are slow to respond
  • There is a grinding or squealing sound you when step on the brake.
Needing brake line replacement can be a very scary situation. If your brake line is broken, your brakes will fail. Having regular maintenance on your brake system is extremely important to prevent brake line failure. Rust, weather, and time can all affect your brake lines. Have them checked when having regular maintenance completed on your vehicle at Chandler & Sons Automotive. Our ASE certified mechanics can safely diagnose, remove, and replace damaged brake lines.

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Signs You Need Brake Repair

The brake system in a vehicle is complex. It contains many small components, and knowing which one is malfunctioning is essential for resolving the issue quickly. Everything from faulty brake sensors and low hydraulic fluid to damaged brake lines can prevent your brakes from functioning properly.

Fortunately, there are several signs that indicate you need brake repair before the malfunctioning system becomes dangerous. It’s best to take action immediately if you think your brakes need to be serviced because you never know when the system could fail while you’re driving and cause an accident. Look out for:

  • Squealing and grinding noises when you press the brake pedal on your vehicle
  • Brakes that fail to slow your vehicle when you tap the pedal
  • A brake pedal that feels “spongy” or unresponsive
  • A lit-up check brake light on your vehicle dashboard

Services Related To Brake Repair

When your brakes are malfunctioning, you need to have them repaired quickly to keep your car operating smoothly. However, keeping up with routine maintenance services helps keep your vehicle in good condition so you can minimize the risk of needing repairs. During routine maintenance, a mechanic will check the thickness of your brake pads and the condition of your brake lines and rotors to ensure they are in good shape. Servicing any of these components can prolong their lifespan and keep running smoothly without needing brake repairs, but when these parts aren’t working properly, you need to work with a good brake repair shop.

At Chandler & Sons Automotive, we understand the importance of routine brake maintenance. We also have the experience and tools necessary to repair and replace any brake component that starts to malfunction on your vehicle. We specialize in replacing brake pads and repairing broken brake lines to keep the entire system operating properly and help you keep your vehicle in top shape.

Chandler & Sons Technician installing brake pads

Trust Chandler & Sons Automotive for Brake Repair

When you need brake repair services, it’s best to trust a professional to do the job properly. Chandler & Sons Automotive has been serving residents of Sterling, VA, with various automotive services for more than four decades, so you know you can trust us when it comes to brakes and rotors service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have your brakes fixed.