Brake Repair for Ashburn, VA

Making sure your brakes are in top-notch condition is one way to stay safe on the road. Chandler & Son Automotive provides professional brake services to residents of the Ashburn, VA area. Our team also offers other automotive repairs to keep your system fully functional for as long as possible. If it’s time to have your brakes serviced, contact our car mechanics today.

Professional Brake Mechanics

Because your safety while driving is one of our top concerns, we do our due diligence to ensure that your vehicle is working properly and in optimal condition. Bringing your car to Chandler & Sons Automotive for routine maintenance ensures that we can help keep your vehicle running safely. Our professional mechanics can check out your brake system and repair or replace components like brake pads, shoes, discs, and brake lines. Stop by our shop so our mechanics can check things over and assess the condition of your brakes.

Do I Need My Brakes Repaired?

Your car will let you know when it should be serviced either with indicator lights or by making disturbing noises. If your vehicle emits a high-pitched screeching noise when you press the brakes, then you know it’s time to stop at Chandler & Sons Automotive to have your brakes serviced. If not promptly addressed, that sound will escalate into a metallic grinding indicating that further damage is occurring to your car’s entire brake system. If it takes longer than normal to stop, or you must apply more pressure than normal to stop your car then brake repairs are needed.

Our Repair Services

Our service center in Sterling is convenient to the Ashburn, VA area. We service all makes and models of vehicles including recreational. Our mechanics will inspect your car, determine what the issue is and provide a solution. Comprehensive brake services from Chandler & Sons Automotive include replacing brake pads or flushing fluids and replacing and fixing certain parts. As part of our superior customer service guarantee, our brake pad replacements and other services are completed under warranty for parts and labor. So, whether we have to repair or replace brake drums, hoses, calipers, or rotors, we provide an accurate inspection and make any repairs so you can get back on the road.

Your Automotive and Brake Specialists

You can count on the expertise of our licensed mechanics for any auto repairs and convenient and reliable services that’ll ensure your car has plenty of miles left in it. Chandler & Sons Automotive was established in 1975 and is a family-owned and operated vehicle repair shop. We have provided Ashburn, VA and the surrounding areas with expert car repairs and a superior customer service experience. Each of our mechanics and automotive experts is ASE-certified and provides a comprehensive list of auto repair and service jobs. We are the one-stop-shop for all your auto repair requirements. We strive to give our customers quality parts they can depend on at competitive pricing that will allow them to save money on brake repair services.

Chandler & Sons Automotive – Your Brake Repair Team

For the best customer service and reliable brake pad installation and brake repairs come to  Chandler & Sons Automotive. We take care of your vehicle and keep it running in tip-top condition. We are an AC Delco Master Tech Shop and our mechanics are all ASE certified.

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