Transmission Repairs for Ashburn, VA

Your transmission may need immediate repairs if you notice fluid leaking, smell burning, or hear unusual grinding noises. Get your car inspected at Chandler & Sons Automotive, where our mechanics provide transmission repair services to the Ashburn, VA area and all the surrounding neighborhoods. Other signs of transmission issues include low steering power and rough gear shifting. Get your car into our transmission repair shop to get these problems looked at by a professional.

Transmission Repairs

We have specialized mechanics that provide transmission repair services and know what to look for in a malfunctioning transmission. Certain key components need to be inspected for issues, including the torque converter, planetary gear set, and clutch. These transmission pieces can be repaired or replaced, depending on the severity. With many years of experience, we have the skills to identify your transmission issue and fix it promptly.

A transmission repair service always starts with an inspection of the problem to determine the best course of action. We will check for transmission fuel levels, properly functioning mechanisms and visible signs of corrosion. It is also important to check for well-lubricated adjacent parts because it helps the transmission deliver enough force to move the driving wheels. All of the transmission components must work together to give your car enough power to run effectively.

Call Our Transmission Repair Shop

It saves you money in the long term if you are able to get regular maintenance checks on your car’s transmission. Doing these regular checkups also increases the likelihood that your transmission will last a long time. Sometimes neglecting to repair small transmission issues may turn it into a bigger problem. If your transmission repairs will entail making replacements, we are prepared to handle that too.

Chandler & Sons Automotive has a staff of qualified mechanics to assist you with whatever transmission repair services you may require. We aim to provide Ashburn, VA residents convenient and reliable service when they need it most. We are happy to help you with transmission maintenance and emergency repairs alike. Call us today at 703-437-7300 for a free price quote and schedule service.

Mechanic Working on a Transmission

We service the following cities and their surrounding areas:

  • Annandale, VA
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