Transmission Repair Service for Reston, VA

The transmission in your car is important because it is responsible for allowing the engine power to turn the drive wheels and help your car reach different speeds. Chandler & Sons Automotive has experienced mechanics that provide transmission repair services to motorists in the Reston, VA area and surrounding neighborhoods. If you’ve noticed that your car is losing power and has a hard time switching gears, then you should take your car in to get the transmission inspected. Our transmission repair shop is fully equipped to handle a variety of issues and help you get back on the road in no time.

There are various components that help the transmission run smoothly. If you bring your car into the shop, our mechanics will inspect your vehicle’s transmission for signs of deterioration and give you a free quote for parts and labor. We check for defective transmission parts such as the hydraulic pump, torque converter, and planetary gear. We are trained and highly skilled at repairing the torque converter, which is one of those pieces that are crucial to the operation of your transmission.

We will also make sure your transmission fuel is at the right level and the mechanism is functioning properly. It is essential for the other moving parts to be well lubricated because it helps provide the power and strength your car needs to change gears. Let us know if you have noticed a burning smell, hear grinding, or see any leaks because these could be signs of an underlying issue with your transmission.

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Chandler & Sons Automotive provides transmission repair services when your car needs it the most. Our repair shop has knowledgeable mechanics that know exactly what to look for in transmission parts that need immediate service. We always aim to give our customer’s in Reston, VA quality repairs and an exceptional customer service experience. Let us help you get your car’s transmission up and running at optimum capacity.

Regular transmission maintenance inspections and repairs are a good way to catch small deficiencies early on. This also means the life of your car’s transmission will last a lot longer than if you neglect to get odd behavior checked out. Whether it’s a simple fix or a part replacement, we have the tools and experience to do the job right. Contact us at (703) 437-7300 to get a free transmission repair quote and schedule a good time for service.

Mechanic Working on a Transmission

We service the following cities and their surrounding areas:

  • Annandale, VA
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